How to make Teracopy 3.8.5 verify skipped files?

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In the new UI, I can't figure out how to make Teracopy 3.8.5 verify ALL files, even skipped ones. How can I do that? Thanks.


This was possible in the older version.  Can the new version verify skipped files?

james sladen

I am also desperate to get this feature back, has anyone found anything?

David Fernández

When the list is done, just select "Skipped" from the combobox above the list window, just besides the Auto-scroll checkbox. When the skipped files are viewed, any action will take place on these files only, so just push Verify button, and all those skipped files will be verified.

With the 3.x version the verification of skipped files is not a one way move. It takes two steps to verify the whole list. First only the copied/moved files are verified. When done you need to select the skipped ones and push the verify button to check if they match checksums too.

On the 2.x is was automatically done in one go, but if only few files were changed and you recopied everything then it was a waste of time rechecking again and again the skipped files everytime. Now you have an option to just skip the already skipped files or recheck them if you wish.