Suggestions for a Thought

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1) Would like to suggest logging for each file copied. It is not apparent what failed when a copy with verification fails.

2) Process should have a continue/retry option for when copying/verifying fails. I believe the checkmarks show this, but this is not very apparent and logging does not show the initial copy and only shows all items failing even when it is just the hash verification failing after successfully copying all files.

3) Users should also have the option, when copying multiple files, to have files copy and verify one by one, rather than copying all and then verifying them all at once.

4) Logging should be saved too, so that it can be viewed from the transfer history menu.

5) Info on the hashes would help in generic help menu or a link to online info.

I had to research hashes and which was best for file verification and had to research rankings from fastest to slowest, security rankings, and mainly which is more likely to find corruption issues. Numbered rankings on these would help or general some general info...even if it is not current. Just note that security practices change and link to basic information online.


These 5 would be beneficial for people like me copying large files to a NAS over wifi with the verification option.

6) The Windows 10 taskbar blocks the bottom "status bar" (with the new list, transfer history, and options/main menu options on it) when the program is maximized. Maybe it is just me. Just a notification... not a big issue.

7)Key on status bar, tool tips, column in file list to explain symbols or something to help indicate status (or just more logging, as mentioned above).

8)Ability to set a specific transfer to close when done(when using keep panel open/keep app open for settings). Like an override button.


A file size threshhold to close panel when complete.


Sometimes I am transferring large files for which I want to see the panel when they are completed and while doing that decide to move a quick small file while waiting that I don't need to see completed. (much of the time I am multitasking: working or composing a document). Also, this is the same reason for 10:

10) Setting when copying and pasting files that larger transfers are autopaused and are smaller transfers finish first.

11)Setting that when multiple files are copied and pasted that makes smaller files go first in the transfer of that set of copied files.

12)A color change for the transfer bar when the transfer is done so


A larger green check on bottom right of each transfer.

Reason: I am nearsighted and do a lot of transfers at night whilst working on tech or watching TV and this would allow me to keep working on other tech or sit back and relax, while still keeping an eye on transfers.

13) Option to push notifications to the Windows 10 Push Notifications.


Allow tray minimization and have a very basic % status view when hovering over the icon or after right clicking in the same menu used to restore the program from this state.

Reason: Multitasking with one monitor and this would be a quick way for Tera Copy to be out of the way of my other Taskbar items and the ALT+TAB function I use regularly utilize

Some of these may not be priority. I tried to put my most important at the top and of course speed comes first. I am a tester and I notice small things, so don't get me wrong. It is a great program!

Thanks for a great program! Looking forward to the next full release

and I will await your response!

Nick Reynolds

Fragmentation reduction option for HDDs would be nice. Not sure if this is an issue with how the program works or if it is even possible, but my NAS is not a true NAS... just a HDD attached to a router and shared using SMB settings on the router and the router even with after-market DD-WRT firmware doesn't have a defrag option, so this would help (if possible). I can try to break these suggestions into sets or try hard to submit individually, if needed, but I wanted to make sure i prioritized the first 5 somehow. Advanced logging being the main thing... Thanks again no matter what you decide on these.