Pause on Error, plus improved Expanded View and few other suggestions.

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1) New option: "Pause the Job on Error", to pause, instead of pointlessly continuing going through the entire file list.

2) New Option: "Retry/Cancel pop-up on Error". Once a complex job fails, it's not that intuitive to set it up again. A simple Explorer-like Retry/Cancel popup would help simplify and speed things up.

3) Expanded View improvements:

  •   Add a "Clean Successful" option to the current ones (Delete only deletes one and "Clean History Now" deletes all inactive, including failed jobs)
  •   Add a "Don't Ask Again" toggle to the Clean History Now popup.
  •   Add "Pause" and "Cancel" options when clicking an active job.

As a loyal TeraCopy user, I'd really appreciate these. Thanks.

David Fernández

All that functionality is already built in.

When finished, in the combobox just above file list and besides Auto-Scroll, select "Failed" to view in the file list window the list with failed files, so you can actually do any action ON these files only. Even when you recall that list from history. You can now push again the copy button and recopy only the failed files.

You can select "Successful", "Failed",  "Skipped" and "Ignored" files after the list has been processed, so you do not need to "Clean" any lists to do actions on not "Successful" files, as Teracopy 2.x does.

Not very intuitive, but found it by myself.

This new interface has a few new concepts. One is the WHOLE file list. Another one is a SUBGROUP of that whole file list,  which are called "Successful", "Failed", "Skipped" and "Ignored". If the subgroup "Successful" has the same elements as the "All files", then the copy process has been a success. The actions take place on the subgroup selected on the combobox. So at every time you have the whole list of files, and you can see what happened to that bunch of files by selecting the subgroup "Successful", "Failed", "Skipped" and "Ignored". If you clean any list as you ask, you loose the traces of the original files so you don't really know if it was copied or just ignored at any point of time. With these behaviour you can for example select "Skipped" or "Ignored" files (just because the both exists on source and destination) and push verify to really test if they match the checksum. If any of they fail the checksum it will be included on "Failed" and then you can copy and overwrite only the failed files.

It is not very clever to pause on a list of thousand of items with a pop-up waiting for input when no one is looking at it. Better use the internal Windows copy routine (if you need it) for that.

If you need to do something on failed files, just tell the UI to not close after copying. Or open Teracopy and see what happened on the list from history and take actions only on the subgroup that you select.