Asking what to do with colliding files while non colliding files keeps moving normally in "background" / "QuantumCopy" (non Bet***a related) XD.)

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As the tittle says.

I don't know if it's even possible to do this the way I'm thinking:
Basically, it's keeping (on the same job/process) the non colliding files moving uninterrupted while the collision options popups at the very beginning of the process/in the course of the running process having in mind "i don't want all the (possibly) similar files batch replaced/skipped in this job, I want to replace each of the colliding files manually as soon as possible and if it'll be do in a row of continuous replacing windows, even better!. But they're to many/tiny/big to wait every single collision to happen in a long time spam"
That's all, thanks :3.

Stefan Krapf
It would be nice if this could be improved. The normal Windows Explorer Copy Dialog has good approaches if there are multiple colliding files:

As I could see now, Windows Explorer copies first all the files that have no issues and in the end there will come up this message.
If you click on "Für jede Datei selbst entscheiden" (means: Decide for each file), then it will Show up this Dialog:

Here you could decide what to do. But there are unfortunately only a few options. TeraCopy could certainly do better.
One idea would be if all colliding files would be listed in the File list (File list would expand automatically), and you could decide whenever you want what to do with it.
All the other remaining file operations, which have no Problems would be further performed in the Background.
What is nice in the Windows Explorer variant is, that you will be asked first with ONE window what to do with ALL the colliding files. Here you have the possibiliy to say "let's replacing all of them".
If all colliding files would be listed in the File list (and Maybe on every single  file entry you have some Buttons/Icons for replace/skip/Keep) there is no such possibility to resolve all this collidings in one step.

For this it could be that all the colliding Elements would be grouped together in the File list with a triangle or +/- Icon (like in a Folder tree) to open and collapse and first this Elements would be collapsed and the Buttons/Icons for ALL These files would be directly below.
Further it would be nice there would be a "do it immediately" and a "choose options first, do it as I say it" Option.
What I mean with this:
With the Windows Explorer variant if you click on "Decide for each file" you could set some Control boxes first on these files that you want to Keep and in a second step you can confirm the selected Settings.
This is nice but sometimes it would be nice if you could decide on each file directly and it would be performed immediately.
Maybe you could integrate such a control Lever to choose between this two operating variants.

I just saw that if I have some files already existing in my target folder and I'm copying these same files again and some new files, if I don't interrupt this or don't move the mouse, TeraCopy automatically SKIP ALL EXISTING FILES after 30 seconds!
And in the end the TeraCopy window would be closed automatically too and if I just leave the computer after I started this process, I will never notice that!
Hey, are you serious about that?
Sorry, this is not what I want and there is no option to change this in any way!
Please enhance the possibilies of all this – this would be really nice

Thanks a lot


Stefan Krapf

Well I did a UI Suggestion with some enhancements as well for my previous post:

Stefan Krapf

Need some finetuning… ;-)

But I think the idea is now clearly visualized...


That's really good... hope that this will be implemented, or at least some inspired features like you say.

Stefan Krapf

@Code Sector: did you see this Topic? I think it would be nice and some parts of it really important (skipping files automatically after 30 seconds!)