Copy or rename extension

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When copying 'Test.txt' to the same directory (duplication), teracopy renames it to 'Test - Copy.txt' causing the duplicated file to be located BEFORE the original file, when sorted alphabetically by name (default mode). This is confusing, and I often mistakenly rename the old file (the last one in the list). The same problem appears when 'Text.txt' already exists in the destination and you choose the 'Rename' button. The new copied file is sorted BEFORE the old one (because renamed to 'Test (2) .txt')

I would suggest removing the space between the added text: Test-Copy.txt or Text-2.txt. In this way, these files new will be sorted AFTER the original old one.

fedir lavryk

I would even prefer to use some regular expressions or at least to have a choice of which rename pattern to apply.