TeraCopy 3.6 and 3.8.5 crash twice whenever I try copying a file to a location that already has a file with the same name.

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I've opened a ticket almost one YEAR ago and it has received no response. Really hoping to get assistance on this matter.

Cut+pasting or copy+pasting a file in a location that already has a file with the same name will just make TeraCopy stop responding twice. The older 3.26 version didn't do this in my experience. There should be a popup that asks me if I want to overwrite, overwrite all, skip, etc. but it seems to be unable to bring that window up and, as a result, crashes. Twice. I tried copying the TeraCopy shortcut in this example. It happens with any file.

Please see below gif





3.6 and 3.8.5

Operating System:

Windows 10

Code Sector
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Thank you for letting us know, we will investigate this issue.