Error Trimming File

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We keep getting the error - 'Error Trimming File' when copying some (not all) PDFs and ZIP files. We are on Teracopy 3.8.5, and Windows 21H1.

alvaro pedroni

the problem does not depend on the version of the operating system and does not depend on the files.

teracopy first makes the copy and then changes the attributes of the files, does not immediately copy them with the true value or during the verification wants to write something on the file description. This is something that many copy programs do.

Some files may not be the lock, such as pdf or zip and therefore can be copied, but if they are in use or if they are controlled by programs to avoid deletion or in some cases perhaps controlled by the antivirus, it happens that whoever controls does not allow to change the parameters and teracopy manages to copy the file but then generates the error after in fact it also fails the checks even if the file is copied perfectly.

other programs like totalcommander etc also had this problem years ago. Then they are stani corrected currently only the teracopy still has this logic error when the file does not want to be touched because it is controlled by others. I'm not saying it's OS locked or writable. I have your problem with the encrypted files that are copied cannot be altered so the teracopy generates the error. In your case you have something that keeps pdf and zip locked. For example adobe Dc when opening files even if you close it leaves a handle on them with others on services and then terecopy goes crazy. The various adobe processes should be killed. The problem, however, is that teracopy must be fixed as other manufacturers with the same defect have done.