how do identify skipped files

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I did a copy and it showed two files were skipped. Is there some way to identify which files these are? I tried to look at the log file but couldn't read it.

fedir lavryk

In fact, the filtering in 3.9 is to my opinion a bit non-intuitive. Perhaps the GUI can be overhauled to make it more intuitive?

David Fernández

Just select "Skipped" from the combobox next to the "Auto-scroll" checkbox. Just above the file list window in Expanded View.

In my opinion filtering is impecable in this version of Teracopy. After the 1st pass you have all info about "Failed", Skipped", "Ignored" and "Successful" files and you can make any decision on those filtered files. No need to delete anything from list. 

The Copy process is unattended if no answer to the dialog after several seconds, so it won't stop the process if any conflict is to be resolved.

Very useful after Terabytes of files copied.