Teracopy 3.8.5 black version, Win11, Chocolatey install - won't register as default handler

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PC was previously running Win 10 with Teracopy 2.x free version, no Chocolately. I upgraded to Win 11 and installed Chocolatey, then installed Teracopy 3.8.5 free version.

Options to use Teracopy do not appear on the right-click menu when moving/copying, and Win 11 seems to do the copying unless I drag files into the app. In the Teracopy Preferences, 'Register Copy handler' is checked and 'Use Teracopy as default handler' is also checked. If I uncheck 'Register...' a UAC popup appears to allow the change, but the checkbox doesn't clear.

I am going to try and uninstall, then install manually without Choco. I thought I'd raise it in case others have the same issue.

Mario Miniaci

Before completely uninstalling, I told Chocolatey to do a forced reinstall. It worked perfectly and now I have the right items in the right-click menu. I hope this helps someone :)