Google Drive re: 4GB to google drive file stream folder

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The Initial thread is now locked but I am still experiencing an issue with this.

I tried to rename my G: drive to "Google Drive" but for some reason, I'm only allowed 11 characters for the drive name. So I am one character short to be able to rename it. I am a PRO user.

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I am experiencing a similar issue, also with the Google Drive mounting method. I use multiple accounts in the Google Drive client which all mount as their own drive letter but prepend the name with the full email address of the account. It extends past the character count above (also renaming in cmd with label letter: anynamehere also works and can extend past 11 characters but will not persist when Google Drive is launched again). Here's a screenshot of how it looks (with some parts blanked out) in Windows Explorer.

The third drive is with a long email not ending in so the entire part is blanked out but it does have the letter e in Google missing before the 3 dots. Could it use a regex for the name recognition? The suffixes of my 3 mounts are (with spaces added for the email addresses, to keep the length visual)

                    - Google ...
                     - Google...
                      - Googl...

I think it always ends in 3 dots, but would probably just remove a letter of Google for every extra character in the email. It's also strange that there's a space in between Google and the 3 dots on the first but not the second name.

jerry lenaz

I am having the same problem. As @cam mentioned, I have multiple Google Accounts which I use to file stream to my PC.  Does Teracopy just look for "Google Drive" text to remove the >4GB limit?  You'd think there would be a setting in Preferences or something to indicate which drive letters are stream files for the program to ignore the >4GB restriction.

Chul Ho Lee

I am on the edge of buying a license for Teracopy, but this is a must fix issue before I pull the trigger.

I also have 4 different google drive accounts which I use to file stream to my PC.

I can't rename the drive to Google Drive, only Google Driv, also, not sure if this takes into account having multiple google drive accounts.

Please fix this issue and I will buy a license. I am using TeraCopy 3.9.7

Chul Ho Lee

I found a temporary band aid solution, until hopefully the Dev fixes this issue.

Instead of mapping to drive letter, you can map a google drive account to a folder.
This fixes the 4 GB Limit, however I consider this a temporary fix as I prefer to use drive letters.

Image 1062

pat buzwell

I am actually using an old version (3.2.6) and this old version does have issues with Google Drive. Messed up eh? I actually prefer the interface of the old version as well.