No copying speed reflected on log on version 3.9


On previous version the copy speed was frecuently miscalculated, but in this version is has simply disappeared.

When finished copying the log reflects "Copying: completed", but no computed items/speed for the operation.

Then it begins veryfing and after finishing it displays the speed:

"Verifying: completed"

"41210 items - 3:02:36 @ 155MB/s"

In previous versions I used the copying speed as a reference to see if the copying operation has been slowed down so that it may indicate a disk failure. If the source is read slowly and verification is way faster, then the source has a problem. If the copying is slowed down and verification is slowed down too, then the writing device may have a problem...

I really like the copying/moving speed to be displayed after operations have been done.

I may compute it from the times displayed on the log and size of operations, but I'm too lazy sometimes...

Please, try to bring it back and reflect its value correctly.