Issues when moving Terracopy to second display


I've been using Terracopy at home for a while to manage files on my home NAS and I love it, it handles large lots of file moves so much better than explorer. I do seem to have an odd problem moving the Terracopy status windows amongst multiple screens though.

Terracopy often starts on my main monitor, and I like to move it to a second monitor to monitor the file copy\move. If I do this manually, the window often gets stuck between the screens and seems to go through a cycle of flashing between two sizes for 30 seconds or so before it finally moves.

Several times, it has become unresponsive after flashing between sizes and I have had to restart the process.

Terracopy will move from the secondary monitor, to the primary monitor using the Shift+Windows+Left Arrow, but it will not move the other way using the Shift+Windows+Right Arrow. 

This is on Windows 11, but I also had the issues on Windows 10 before I upgraded.

The primary monitor runs at 1920x1080 and the secondary monitor runs at  1600x900. I think the issues is related to the different resolutions as when I try to user Shift+Windows+Right Arrow, the Terracopy window resizes briefly before jumping back to the original size and staying on the primary monitor.

I don't think this is a Windows issue as I don't have the same issue with any other apps.

Many thanks for making such a great program!