Move Errors Don't Leave Original File

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Whenever I have any type of error during a Cut of a large number of files (using Windows 10 Explorer) and a Paste into another location, the files in question are gone - not in the new location (understandable if there was an error) and not in the original folder (and so my file is gone)!

I get the Teracopy notice of the errors, but there is no Retry or any way to recover as far as I can see.

So far, this has not been disastrous (by luck), but it has made me question using TeraCopy.

I was using version 3.6 at the time, but have since upgraded to 3.9.  I haven't had a chance to test a large Move operation like this since, but I was hoping you could tell me you were aware of the issue and it has been fixed in the recent versions.

ryan zalewski

I have experienced the exact same issue when moving small batches of files. When moving files, TeraCopy logs report "Error Opening Source File: The system cannot find the path specified. Code 3". During this process, no files were moved, and all of the source files were gone. I was able to restore from a backup thankfully. The source and the destination are on the same hard drive, just different subfolders with the exact same NTFS permissions. I upgraded to version 3.7.4 to try to eliminate the issue, but it still occurs. I see that 3.8 is out so I will try to upgrade. I definitely experience the same issue somewhat frequently.