Default behaviour (queue/start now) depending on drives

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The only one feature i miss from Windows 10 multi-task copying is this one.

I would like to queue N different copy tasks, and the Copy tool should make them start immediately or, instead, queue them up, depending on the source and target drives involved: if one of these two are already in use by a previous copy task, then the default should be "QUEUED" (and auto-start when the previously blocking copy tasks are done); otherwise, it's ok for the default to be "STARTED".

Leo B

A perfect solution would consider the speed of the common source or common target device.

  • 2 simultaneous access to a HDD should be avoided if the HDD is the bottleneck of the overall transfer. But it may very well handle 3 parallel copies from different network drives...
  • SSDs are much less a problem for concurrent access. Some SSDs tend to throttle write speed after some time, while concurrent read can proceed at full speed.
  • 2 simultaneous reads from/to one or multiple network drives may or may not be desired.

The properties of each of the drives could be made configurable in TeraCopy. Types of drives: SSD, HDD, Network, USB 3.0 
TeraCopy could have a feature to automatically evaluate the performance of certain drives, for parallel read, read/write, write. And take these measurements into account when deciding on running or queueing a copy job. Two drive letters could be on the same physical drive...

Leo B

I second the feature request to add a copy in queued state.

We also need an additional button to QUEUE a copy once it is paused.

I would like to queue a paused job, so it automatically continues when all other jobs are finished. 

(A more sophisticated variant of this could allow me to adhoc configure the dependency on a set of other copy jobs currently running or waiting. A slow network copy would not block my second HDD copy job.)