Using both Explorer and Terascopy


My idea is kind of hard to explain but here it goes:

I think it would be a good idea to implement a feature where the program (Terascopy) can detect the total size of the files/folders being moved/copied but let either Explorer or itself perform the task depending on the size of the files/folders.

The size here is the key. If the total size is less than a certain user-entered size, then explorer will perform the task. If it is greater, then Terascopy. The size is the indicator of which program will do the task or not. 

Here's an example of what I mean, to help put the idea to perspective. 

In Preferences, I can tell terascopy that the threshold size of doing any task with files is 10 MB. Any action done to files less than 10 MB will be handled by explorer (Like moving single kb sized files) and anything greater than 10 MB will be handled by terascopy.

The reason I suggest this feature is because of the amount of files I am sorting through. Most files I must sort one-by-one, and a window popping up for about a second to move a file less than a megabyte can sort of get annoying or accidentally clicked on. 

I'm not sure if such an implementation is possible, but there's the idea. :)