Teracopy Pro 3.26 bugs

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Having just upgraded from 2.3 to 3.26, I have found a few bugs that are quite annoying. I can't find any specific place to post bug reports, so I chose this place. I hope that's okay.

1.) Once I've Added a folder to Favorites, trying to Remove it again from Favorites causes the program to crash every time.

2.) The moving progress bar is completely faulty and pointless. On large copy actions the apparent copy speed rises constantly and the graph follows. The copy speed in the top of the window seems to be correct though:

The state of the copy function after maybe an hour of copying: The top 37 MB/s is probably correct at that specific time, but the 52.17GB/s, the 30 minutes time remaining, and the graph are all wrong.

Image 33

Maybe another hour later: Again, the top 22 MB/s is probably correct but the 111GB/s, the 22 minutes time remaining, and the graph are all wrong.

Image 34

I realize Time Remaining can be a bit tricky, so I'm not too bothered about that one being constantly incorrect (although I would have thought that some sort of average copy speed divided by remaining data should yield fairly accurate results) but the graph being faulty is a definite bug :)

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