Add option to disable Distributed Link Tracking


I noticed this problem when trying to copy some desktop shortcuts from one windows 10 computer to a second computer.  The target for the shortcut path was being oddly changed.  Turns out this is some "feature" of a service windows calls "distributed link tracking client" the problem is if the shortcuts copied result in broken links then guess makes the copy kind of worthless.  My suggestion is to add a option to disable this functionality during a copy so what you copy is what you get.  I'm not even sure why its happening.  In my example I had a desktop shortcut to (for example) c:\dog\cat\2020\mytext.txt when this is copied to a new machine with this path in existence it gets changed to c:\dog\2020\mytext.txt.  Maybe its a bug in windows itself but the process is something that tries to fix broken links except that in my case the process is broken.  I would consider this half idea/issue so treat it as such.