Backup a large volume to removable media

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Is there an ideal mix of settings that would allow me to backup a very large volume of photographs to multiple SD cards?  The current settings and version don't quite fit the bill but perhaps others have found something that works.

So far I've found that the "check for available disk space" option doesn't seem to do much.  It trips an error at the start of the copy which I can safely ignore, but once I've filled an entire SD card it doesn't trigger another error to allow me to swap media.  It just hangs on the last file for which there isn't enough space.

I've found that while it's hung on that file I can remove the media and insert a new one, but TeraCopy doesn't present a "Retry" or "Continue" option.  Only "Skip" or "Stop".  By choosing "Skip" I can resume the backup but it does mean I've left one file out of the backup.

Anyone found a combination of settings or steps that would allow me to swap media during the copy process and not lose any files?  TIA for any ideas!