Are the newer versions of teracopy faster than older versions?

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This is a silly question...

I have an old version of teracopy (I like the old UI, its build is 2016), however I used it on a new pc with nvme drives (spec'd to run at 5000mbps round abouts), but I only get 70mbps from one nvme to another nvme.

I didn't really want to upgrade to the new teracopy (I don't really like the UI), but I'm thinking for nvme speeds I most probably have to update.

What do you guys think? Oh, I'm using Win 11 pro.


I think the difference will be with the UI and features and no changes on the transfer speed except if they mentioned that. for example, when tools like Goodsync and Gs Richcopy 360 upgrade the versions, no noticed changes on the transfer happen if a comparison done between the new and old versions 


After posting my first comment, I upgraded my teracopy, but that still didn't do anything.

  I then updated my bios, the ME driver, ME firmware, all other drivers including Sara drivers & that fixed my transfer speed issues, its now transferring at full speed.