Not enough space on compressed folder and more

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Please allow teracopy 3 to Ignore not enough free space, because it is impossible to copy files from a compressed folder to another, example:

1 file of 5000gb (windows compressed to 5gb) it is impossible to copy to any drive with less than 5000gb free space now, even to a compressed folder, windows explorer also doesn't allow it, but teracopy 2 allowed it by pressing "Ignore not enough free space" dialog, which was a great feature, and also teracopy 2 paused the copying and does not abort when disk is full until you remove some files on destination drive and it resumed automatically when more free space is available, this is a worse behavior in teracopy 3 than in teracopy 2.

Also this behavior doesn't allow to begin a copy of 4Tb files to a drive which now has 2Tb free, but you know that in the meantime it will have more free space available, and will allow the copying to complete, and if teracopy is faster copying than you freeing space it will pause and resume automatically when more free space is available, like teracopy 2 does, but with teracopy 3 you can't start now the copying (which will take many hours) because there is not enough free disk space at this time.

Thank you.



May be I can make teracopy to scheduled each file transfer when there is space restrictions that will be validated and spanned within the daily routine dashboard teracopy will develop in future. I hope you will give some comments for my post.


To be more specific, when you try to copy a 300GB file to a drive with 50GB free space, teracopy v3 does abort, while teracopy v2 in the same situation will warn you that there is not enough free space, but if you decide to continue, then it will copy all the data that it can up to fill the destination drive, and then sets the teracopy window in a blink status "Destination drive is full please free space...", it does not abort the copying and remains waiting, and in the event that the destination drive free some space it resumes the copying automatically, this is a desired behaviour in lots of situations:

-  Copying a windows file with the compressed atribute (300GB that really occupies 20GB) to a drive with 50GB free in a windows folder with the compressed attribute set, this can not be done with windows explorer, neither with teracopy v3, but teracopy v2 did it like a charm.

- Copying a big file in a drive that now does not have the space, but you know that it will have it soon, but you want to start to copy the file now because it has a big size (100's GB), the transfer speed is slow (it will take many hours, because it is a network drive) and you can not wait to free the space before.