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Hi Everyone,

I often need to see the whole paths for either copying or moving, and it is very often not fully showing, because also the filename is shown on both origin and target (the filename will obviously be the same)

Also, it would be great to clearly see if we are copying or moving (different colors). Here moving is orange.

So it would be just awesome to change the interface to something similar to that :

Image 1174

Feel free to comment the post if you think it would be useful.


rich horner

I 2nd this!

Code Sector
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Thanks for the idea, we will implement a new UI soon to adapt it to concurrent file transfers, represented by circular progress bars. There will be an option to display a few types of speed graphs.

Image 1238


Thanks for the reply.

Though could we choose to have linear or circular progress bars ?

Personally I find those circular ones too small and not very visible while it's probably the main information.

Also, no info about the "copying / cutting" mode I talked about in my post. Etc etc.

I guess I won't have my word in it but maybe you need a little survey before asking your devs to build that.