Second verification not working



I'm having an issue where I can verify files a second time.  I've got a share where I'm not sure the files are okay. Unfortunately this is a folder of a Multimedia backup. So it's large, like Multiple Terabytes large.  

I let Tera Copy 3.9.7 go at it, checking a known good copy against this set over a network.  Eventually something happens it brakes connection and I'm left with a ton of files that failed, usually with no target file.  That's fine, cause Teracopy can just work on the failed files, since I have pro I can even remove the successful files and ask it to verify again right?   Well Yes, but no.  

What happens is that Teracopy says it's going to verify, but what it does is just run through the source files, it doesn't even try to fetch the files over the network.  This can be verified with Task Manager, you can see the activity of the disk with the files at a high level and nothing over the network. 

Also unfortunately, this seems to be the same issue I made a ticket about a year ago for and seems nothing has come of it. 

Found issue with Teracopy / Code Sector