GUI Information


Observations when using the TeraCopy program (version 3.9.7, free use for private use, under Windows 11):

I noticed two irritating and therefore annoying details in the screen display:

1.) When moving files (with Review), the files that have already been moved are counted incorrectly:

e.g. for a directory to be moved completely with 75 files contained in it, "76/76" is displayed in the top line already after half (i.e. after 38 of 75 files).

2) It is annoying that after an editing step (copy or check) the result is not immediately visible on the screen (one or two green check marks).

Only when the copying process of the next(!) file is finished (i.e. before its verification), it is shown that a copying process and the subsequent verification were successful.

However, this can take many seconds for large files.

The eight-character check identifiers are displayed immediately after copying, but not the status identifier at the beginning of the line in the file list.

During copying, this is also not shown in the file list with the black square. (Only at the top below the menu and above the two blue progress bars, you can see which file is being copied or checked).

It would be better if the screen display was updated first of all IMMEDIATELY AFTER EACH processing step and only then the next work step is started.