Concurrent transfers from 1 SSD to 2 HDDs (or vv.)


Teracopy queues and does sequential jobs if either/both of the source or destination drives are the same... this is important for speed and fragmentation on HDDs, due to thrashing. This was/is teracopy's killer feature!  As windows just tried to do them all at the same time... doh!

But it also allows concurrent transfers if they're between a different pair of drives. Smart!

But if either is an SSD, thrashing, fragmentation isn't an issue... And the throughput of the SSD should far outpace the HDDs.. So could Teracopy also allow concurrent transfers if if the source or destination is 1 SSD?

So 2 copy jobs from 2 HDDs to 1 SSD
Or 2 copy jobs from 1 SSD to 2 HDDs

I often manually start waiting jobs so it all finishes a lot quicker.

Could this logic be added to the Teracopy's job scheduler? Or at least an option to enable this?