If conflicting file at destination is larger by more than x MB, overwrite file at destination.


Currently TeraCopy has an option of "Replace all smaller files." But I need the opposite - "Replace all larger files." With a caveat.

I frequently run a large volume of image files through irfanview batch conversion, by reducing their quality to 80%, trying to reduce their size. But the conversion doesn't always work and the converted files sometime end up being larger than original file. When I paste the converted files on the original folder, I want only those images to be retained which have significant size reduction.

For example, say I have 50 images in OriginalFolder. I converted them and saved them in ConvertedFolder. Now I'm trying to cut-paste those 50 images from ConvertedFolder to OriginalFolder.

ONLY IF OriginalFolder/image1.jpg is 500+ KB larger than ConvertedFolder/image1.jpg, then replace OriginalFolder/image1.jpg with ConvertedFolder/image1.jpg. Else skip the file.

Of course, the 500+ KB needs to be user configurable.