What is the "Ok" button for after copying and verifying is finished?


Using TeraCopy 3.0.

My default is to verify after copying, and keep the panel open.  I have the "Verify" box checked by default.

One thing that may be a very noob question but I fail to understand is the "Ok" button presented after Teracopy shows the file copied and verified successfully.

Three buttons are presented:

"Ok", "Save hash" and "Close"

Pressing "Ok" is a natural instinct, somehow more instinctual than "Close", but "Ok" always starts a Testing operation.

It opens another dialgue asking "Select the operation for xxxxx", and shows Copy, Move, Close and Delete.

I'm not even sure what to press at that point other than "Close", but when I press "Close, it completes a test and shows "Done testing" anyway!

I've already verified the files copied, why does Teracopy insist to re-test this way?

Why not change the button "Ok" to say "Retest Target", or something actually intuitive?

The fact that it does NOT do this test when I have the option "On Finish: Close Panel" tells me this is an unnecessary redundancy anyway.

I need to keep the panel open so that I can quickly view the hash, and it's also a sanity check that TeraCopy didn't actually freeze up or crash.

Am I the only one who finds this behavior irrational and have pressed the "Ok" button more than once only to find another file operation starting that you then don't feel comfortable canceling half way in fear it may corrupt some files you already copied and verified in the first phase?