App updates don't update version in the registry

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I like to use WinGet to update most of my programs, but I've been running into some issues with Teracopy. It seems that the app update installer does not update the registry key WinGet (and control panel) uses to determine the app version. The registry key is located at "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\TeraCopy_is1". This causes WinGet to incorrectly think that Teracopy needs an update when it doesn't.
Also the DisplayName key determines the program name that WinGet shows, and it is set as "TeraCopy version [Initially installed version]" and that should be updated as well.

Niraj Yadav

For what it is worth, I recently (beginning of August) did a clean install of Windows 11 and Tera Copy Pro. I just checked my registry and that key doesn't exist at all.

Could it be that that is simply a leftover key from a previous version that should have been deleted?


I completely forgot that I added that key myself lol. I did that because TeraCopy doesn't set the registry key at install, making Winget show the version as "Unknown" and try to update it every time an upgrade is run.