Feature to allow Teracopy on target machine to communicate with Teracopy on source machine to assist in generating filelist and possibly prebuffer files for transfer (especially for large lists/transfers)

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One thing I noticed is that generating a file list for many files (upwards of 100,000 and 500GB) takes some time.  Wondering if Teracopy can "check" if another Teracopy is running on the target machine to assist with this and possibly synchronize/prebuffer the data for transfer where applicable and would be beneficial.  No idea if this is feasible but I thought it would be a novel idea.  

David Fernandez

It would be a nice idea to have a client/server structure so that if a remote instance of teracopy is active, the file checksum verification would be done by the remote instance, instead of transferring the file through network again just to check the remote file. Only checksums should be communicated end to end.

But you should know that there's no way of launching Teracopy on remote machine when copying files, as it is done by the windows handler locally, not remotely.

If the program developer creates a service that listens to this type of connections, then some features could be newly implemented. Of course firewalls will need to be adjusted to allow this.