RFF: Save checksum on either copy or write, both, or none

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I know the option exists to save checksum already, and it works.

However, I'd like to only save checksums when moving a file, and not when copying a file. Yes, niche, I know, but I download a lot of files to my \Downloads directory and move them to long term storage - those files I want checksums for. But I also copy files from long term storage to temporarily use, and hash saving is not particularly useful for me in those situations.

So, if possible without a massive overhaul, I'd like the option to save checksums to be transfer type specific - so individual check boxes to separately enable / disable for copy and move.

Just a suggestion. Won't hurt my feelings if you flat out say no and close this lol.

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Sweet! Thank you!

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We're nearing completion of this feature for reports, and we'll also introduce it for checksums.

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Niraj Yadav

Oooh, that looks nice, too.