Get old User Interface back

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The new interface does not show some of the old functions. There is no option to revert back to old UI.


old look is better than new

David Fernandez

Old 2.x interface shows way more information about files and in less space than new 3.x interface. File list wastes too much space. I still use 2.x version just for that single reason. Where  2.x shows 10 files, 3.x show only 6 or 7 at most.

Tabs over file list are a waste of space too.

In an era of WIDE monitors and screens, is a nonsense to occupy and waste space vertically, when there's more space horizontally.

If a touch GUI is a must so that items should be surrounded with lots of blank space just for anyone pressing on the right place (not my case), then there should be a "condensed" GUI for not touch enabled devices where INFO is the relevant thing to show.

Touch devices and small screens are just a scourge for relevant info and GUI development.


I totally agree with all that has been writen before.The new interface is  too complicated. Many icons are not easy understand. When you've got lots of simultaeous copy/move you can loose yourself between them and more if you want to display the files list. The result of the copy is not very clear to read... You don't if it's ended, or wrong or waiting for an action. And i've not found may be i'm wrong a way to increase menu bar icons size... Please give use  V2 interface.

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Please take a look at the latest 3.5 RC version and submit more specific requests. We are planning to add config files to change UI layout (list item height, paddings, etc). 


I so miss the animation of seeing how fast a transfer is, the way it used to be, and the way the screenshot of TeraCopy on the homepage is showing. Now its just a dull horizontal progress bar. Although I really do like the options the new interface has, I'm extremely tempted to go back to 2.8 at the moment and I really regret going from 3.0 or whatever I had to 3.8.5 because of this new black interface. For example, I want on my transfer to see the filelist, but not need the list on the left because its just one transfer. No option to switch between it.

So yeah... I get the idea, it just doesn't work, and if there was an option to use the 3.0 interface, I'd take it every single day. I guess I'll go digging through my downloads to see if I have a setup somewhere for the previous version I used.