TeraCopy CRC-verification

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When I was using TeraCopy 2.3 over WinXP I often get into this situation:

Drag and drop a big folder structure over a backup place with less files. Then TeraCopy did the copy process and after I select "Skip" for the existing files it verifies EVERYTHING, including the skipped files. In this case I am sure that the program copies and checks all the files.

In TeraCopy 3.2 with Win7 - the same situation leads only to copy, skip the existing files but it verifies ONLY the new copied. So, if I repeat the process, willing only to compare the files by CRC - it doesn't happen.

Could you please, fix that, it is very useful!

Thank you!

Jim K.

David Fernandez

That's another reason why I still use version 2.x.

It is totally compatible with W10 1909.

The other main reason is the totally awfull 3.x GUI.

Jim K.

I understand and I was thinking to so so many times BUT....... I am not sure that version 2.x keeps the original timestamps and this is essential when I want to copy 200GB pictures taken through 15 years....for example.

Version 3.2 is not so good as GUI but keeps the timestamps.

Besides the copy process is not so fast even from NVMe to SATA SSD - max 350MB/s

David Fernandez

Hello Jim.

I can assure you that version 2.x keeps timestamps. How can it check to overwrite or skip "older" files when copying if not?

Otherwise it would have been a very nasty bug. Every (good) copy program I know of preserves timestamps.

If you can, test version 2.x and check.

I'm constantly making backup of files onto bigger disks and all my files reflect the original timestamps from decades ago... even when using UNC paths.