Verify each files one by one, instead of all at the end

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 Helps to know fire /directory copy has failed earlier


Not really efficient, it is best to verify at the end, for one single reason, transfers runs at higher speed when it is a "stream", if you stop each time and verify, it would take more overall time to do the entire transfer.


Ahh thanks makes sense 

I was copying and verifying a 4tb disk to another one 

Very large files and found after hours of copying some of the large files had mismatch md5

I could have known this problem hours earlier if it had option to verify after :-)

Turned out it was a flakey external usb disk enclosure

i jumped up and down on it till i got blister after that and bought new enclosures

Thanks all


Additionally if you verify each file immediately after writing you are always in danger of reading back the cache instead of the written file (although I expect that TeraCopy at least deactivates the system caches for this). 


If I do a copy (or move) and verify I find that sometimes Teracopy will copy all the

files first then verify them all.  Other times it will copy each file then verify it and then move on to the next file.  Is there a way I can control when it will do the verify?