Various Feature Requests (rearrange, re-queue, and more)

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I didn't want to post five times, so I'm bundling my feature requests into a single post. Hopefully that's okay!

I've been using TeraCopy a lot for huge files. My files need to go from one source to multiple destinations. I'm loving it, and it's great to queue things up and not hammer a drive with multiple transfers to different locations at once. It's not uncommon for me to have at least 4 large transfers queued up. It's been really useful! But there are some things I really wish it could do:

Major feature ideas:

  • be able to re-arrange transfers the transfer queue. This could be a PRO feature, but it'd be really useful to be able to rearrange not only items in the file list, but also the big blocks of transfers. 
  • If you pause a transfer, you should ideally be able to re-queue it up. Right now, as soon as you hit Start Now, that transfer is no longer part of the queue, and I can't find a way to get it back in there without just stopping it and re-queuing the same files... and if I do that, now it's at the bottom of the queue, which isn't always ideal.
  • Chose an on finish action for each transfer. I don't really use the current on finish option, but it might be nice to have the option to be able to fire off push notifications or emails (probably using powershell) after each transfer. Might be nice to have a play sound option for each transfer because sometimes I'm waiting on certain files, but don't care about the whole queue.

Much more minor stuff:

  • Lots of items, but checkboxes specifically, should ideally have tooltips briefly describing what they do
  • the text next to Target button should at least show the parent directory you're transferring into, instead of just "Waiting for other transfers..."
  • Add "play sound" as an option to the top of the On Finish dropdown list
  • the number of items to copy is just a number that I didn't even understand what it is. Maybe add " items" or " files" to the end?

fedir lavryk

I support each and every proposed feature. I must notice that the current queue algorithm is quite clever - it prioritizes little tasks over large ones, which keeps the queue tidier, to much of my appreciation.