if 2 files are the same in name date size etc. - then VERIFY via HASH and alert that there is a different - or else, automatically rename the files that was to be moved/copied into a folder so that user can see both versions

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Very important. I've deleted alot of files thinking that they were the same hash - but the program was instead not copying/movign the file at all

Heinrich Van Vught

I would suggest there be an option to complete the move / copy operation but since the source and target files' hashes differ, you should enable the user to choose to rename either all the source files or all the target files where the names are the same but the actual hashes differ. This would apply to only files where the hash collision occurs. The time stamp option is not as important. This situation occurs in data recovery processes where some files in a folder are valid but not all and you wish to merge with another (partially recovered) set of files.