Problem/Bug: Frequent timeouts when copying large files to external USB hard disk or over network


In general Teracopy works successfully here on my 64bit Win7 system.

But as soon as I copy large files (over ~ 3 GB) over USB cable to external hard disks or to other computers in LAN I can observe frequently problems

which end up with a "timeout" error (see attached snapshot).

They problems are independent from which external USB hard disk I use and independent from the type of transfer (Wifi or cable).

Sometimes I verify manually the target file with the source file (with "fc /b ..... ......" command).

They are equal.

So it could be that the "Timeout" error notification derives from the second Teracopy VERIFY execution (or the triggering of it) and not the first copy/move operation.

However this is annoying. I need to have clarity about the result of a copy/move operation.

Can you fix this?

e.g. by increasing timeout period or increasing buffer size.

Thank you

Thomas Stein

Image 287