More Compact View for Multiple Task Panels

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If scheduling multiple tasks to different targets you end up in having multiple "task panels" per qued task.

The panels per task are glued in an list and are quickly larger then monitor heigth. (> 10 Tasks)

You cannot see an overall status or cannot scroll to tasks beyond monitor size.

An compacter list could solve the problem. The "transfer panel" for qued tasks could be made smaller or could be made undockable from the list?


Here is like its look if you move lot's of files to NAS:

There are lots more tasks than displayed and no way to display or change option after finishing.

(The menu is only available under the last task)

An overall status of left No. of Files / File Size  / No of Tasks are missing.

To auto add files to existing task with same destination folder would be reduce No. of Tasks significent.

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