Link Detection (Link,symLink,..) and decision how to handly it:


many copy projects fail because copy files instead links or ignore it, sometimes it is needed to have this links. e.g. jenkins server or user Directory.

Detecting later went wrong it is very annoying if works not correct.
So trying  to copy links where it makes sense: e.g. link target is relativ and is in list of file to copy


Verzeichnis von c:\
<VERBINDUNG>   Documents and Settings [C:\Users]



 Verzeichnis von c:\links

26.07.2018  09:36    <DIR>          .
26.07.2018  09:36    <DIR>          ..
26.07.2018  09:27                 3 file1
26.07.2018  09:27                 3 file3
26.07.2018  09:27    <DIR>          folder1
26.07.2018  09:27    <DIR>          folder2
26.07.2018  09:27                 3 HardLink_To_file3
26.07.2018  09:30    <VERBINDUNG>   Junction_To_fiolder1 [c:\links\folder1]
26.07.2018  09:36               488 Link_to_File1.lnk
26.07.2018  09:29    <SYMLINKD>     SymLink_To_brokenfile2 [file2]
26.07.2018  09:29    <SYMLINKD>     SymLink_To_file [file1]
26.07.2018  09:29    <SYMLINKD>     SymLink_To_file1 [file1]

1. for relative links to existing files in the copyfile-list for copy file to link the create link or skip this link this user-independand  configuration :
- check link target exists then copy file link target to and the create Link
- skip copying this item and log them (see point 2)

2. for all other links log this link path with file the link direct to to the corresponding file path so it is easy to make a batch file to correct the links easyily after end copying.

The 2nd point is very importand for my and i think it is usefull for many users.
It will be the reason for me to buy the pro version otherwise is only robocopy the most consistent copy programm and then i will build a intelligent script for my purposes.