Preserve folder date (large amount of files/folders)

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TeraCopy 3.7 for Windows seems to have difficulties to update the date on folders when working with a large number of files and folders. I have not been able to figure out exactly the number of files and folders we are talking about but when testing with a smaller number of folders it seems to be working ok.

I have done test with 88000 and more folders and that did not work. But as I said, when I take a smaller number (do not know how small that number needs to be) of folders from the same source it works.

When it does not work, Teracopy is running the "Applying folder attributes" at the end of the copy process, but its abnormally quick, it is like it only starts the process but don't do anything.

I have done the test with and without administration priviledges, with same result.

Has anybody else seen this behavior or know what it might be?


robert h

@Jeff, you can flag this as Resolved now if you would like to. Thanks again for your help!