Ability to change operation from copy to move for when Teracopy initiated from drag and drop

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Sometimes it is just easier to navigate to the destination folder manually and then drag and drop files into it instead of going selecting a destination through Teracopy. Teracopy still handles the transfer but it will be a copy operation. Is it possible when the Teracopy transfer dialog pops up, that we can change the operation from copy to move? Or have the option to set to delete the files from source after the transfer is done.


You can still move files folders without going through TC UI, although it won’t be a drag & drop. If you already know the steps then you ahead of me, but if not, by pointing your files/folders and selecting cut rather than copy, then paste to your destination, that will move them rather than copy. It’s virtually the same effort, although I understand that “drag & drop” has its benefits and if there was an option via- confirmation dialog, I'm sure that would be additional benefit.

walter r

This is already natively supported in Windows by simply holding down the correct modifier key - Ctrl, Shift or Alt - while performing the drag & drop operation. Which modifier key needs to be held down depends on whether the target destination is on the same driver, or on a different drive. The default should be as follows:

Target is on the same drive:

  • No modifier -> Move
  • Ctrl -> Copy
  • Alt or Ctrl+Shift -> Create shortcut link

Target is on a different drive:

  • No modifier -> Copy
  • Shift -> Move
  • Alt or Ctrl+Shift -> Create shortcut link

TeraCopy is going to recognize these commands, but keep in mind that the correct modifier needs to be held down until the mouse button has been released!