When copying CD, DVD or Bluray, a base folder is not created with the name of the discs

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Tested with TeryCopy 3.8



TeraCopy does not support, like Windows Explorer, the automatic creation of a base folder that takes the name of the discs when the user uses the "Copy" and "Paste" function.

An example my CD has this name: Audio2004

When I use Windows Explorer for copying, it automatically creates a base folder on the desktop with the name of the disc. In this case: Audio2004
But unfortunately Windows Explorer does not support preserving all timestamps (accessed, modified, created) for folders and files + disc timestamp.


Can you add support in TeraCopy to automatically create a base folder with the disc name as a default when copying discs? So exactly the behavior like Windows Explorer? Is that possible?

Additionally  to set the correct timestamp of the discs. This tool can read the disc timestamp, can you add it in TeraCopy?


Image 331


I think the options you require are available in tools like Carbonite , Gs Richcopy 360 and GoodSync , search all