Normal trial on Windows Server

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How am I supposed to test this software on Windows Server?!

I'm trying to use it as a custom copy handler in another software but the other software fails with the commandline because on every invocation it seems to try to spew that dreading dialog that The free version does not run on Server systems. What's wrong with the server Windows?! Everyone, no matter what the purpose of their OS, it's just an OS, uses software to do their job, either in home or not. With a file copy program I'm not earning money anywhere.

I'm sorry.


I'd like to second this suggestion.

I'm using TeraCopy for private, non-commercial purposes ONLY, but as a computer enthusiast-type user, I have my own home network with some PCs, Notebook computers and two file servers (one Linux, one Windows Server 2008 R2).

TeraCopy is promised to be free for private purposes, but on every start of TeraCopy, there is this nag screen when it runs on a Windows Server-Edition, insinuating illegal, unlicensed use of the program in a commercial environment. This should be fixed ASAP, since it is just untrue.

Since the original post here is about 5 yrs. old, my hopes are slim. Does anybody from CodeSector read this at all?