Option to limit or turn off the number of items for current open folders [plus a way to close them]

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Dear sirs,

I want to say, beforehand, that your application is great and very very useful for power users. Thank you for that.

If possible, I'd like to ask for a feature (or two, :P). Let me explain.

I often have a LOT of folders currently open (for various reasons) and so, when the DF menu appears and I choose 'Folders', it contains a lot of items for currently open folders (they are at the top of the menu), a list that I have to scroll manually - clicking the "invisible scrollbar" arrow(s) - in order to reach the recent folders' list ... that I find more handy.  

I honestly find it easier to look for the recent items instead of searching among all the items for the LOT of folders open, LoL  ;)

Can you please add an option to limit the number of items for currently open folders (or at least a maximum number visible and, maybe, scrollable while simply hovering on an arrow, instead of clicking it), so I can access the recent folders' list easily?

And, by the way, can you add an option (right click, a close link,as you wish) to close the single opened folders through your menu?

I know I'm asking too much, but it would be nice to have these new features implemented.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Best Regards,