Direct Folders starts and then crashes

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Hi there,

I love this product and use ir all day everyday

I got a new laptop and installed v4 and something went wrong I think

I have tried removing and re-installing but cannot get it to work... :-(
Any help would be truly appreciated...


Hi, Mr. Moore.

I had the same problem but I fixed it (kind of it).

The short answer: Delete the folder "Direct Folders" under C:\Users\[your username here]\AppData\Roaming\ , then run DirectFolders version 4 installer and choose "Repair".

(You will lose your configuration. See the complete answer, maybe you can avoid lose it)

The complete answer: 

I was using Direct Folders v3.8 before, so I had some things configured yet. When I updated it to v4, it stopped working. Then I ran  config.exe under C:\Program Files\Direct Folders and I got the message "no mapping for the unicode character exists in the target multi-byte code page" and some others error messages after pressing Ok and Files or Folders. 

After clicking at "Edit in Notepad", I saw there are older files in C:\Users\[your username here]\AppData\Roaming\Direct Folders. I deleted this folder (as described in short answer) and repair installation.

Everything is working fine now. (Except I have to configure it again).

I wonder if my old configurations had unicode characters or some sort of incompatible things.

Well, it's a workaround.

Good luck. 

david burchett

I had a situation where, after buying a license and upgrading to V4.1.2 the DF icon appeared in the system tray but disappeared within a few seconds after hovering over it. I tried uninstalling, re booting and re installing V4.1.2 and three previous versions but continued to get the same issue. This fix worked me so thanks for sharing Raphael, most helpful :-)