Direct Folders throws errors

Direct Folders not responding and throwing errors

I created a ticket for this but the first ever ticket I created never was answered, so maybe this community is a better choice.

W10, all latest updates.

I got a few errors from Direct Folders lately (only an audio alert, no pop-up, and then I would notice it no longer worked), and today decided to uninstall after it no longer worked at all.

This uninstalled DF.

The reinstall removed icons from my taskbar menu (???) and DF does not work at all. It doesn't even load; if I check the Device Manager DF is not running. It said it installed, but apparently did not.

I decided to install an old version, which worked (from 2019).

By magic, the missing icons in the taskbar reappeared (???).

What do you think is going on?

Could it be a rights issue?