Ability to set hash algorithm for initial transfer (Teracopy for Mac)


I need to be able to undertake initial transfers using other checksum algorithms (other than MD5). It seems that the button that appears showing which checksum algorithm is being used, only appears after the initial transfer is done - and then you can change this to another checksum algorithm (such as SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-512 etc.)

However for both the initial transfer of files, as well as follow-up verification, I need to verify transfers (either immediately, or at various points in the future) on other checksum algorithms that *aren't* MD5.

Finding where/how to set which algorithm to use is also a little clunky. I can't locate where this checksum algorithm option can be configured, until after a transfer has been completed.

It it possible to be able to set this through a preferences menu, or other button that by default *always appears* (not just pops up after a transfer)?