Bugs in 1.0 (4)

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So I didn't find the bugtracker for the MacOS Version (FAQ goes to Windows bugtracker)

  1. Import form
    -> Cancel button doesn't work
    -> Resize form -> the "created since" combobox doesn't move with the bottom panel
  2. Finder permission
    should be requested at first start, no one gets that you have to (double) click inside the target folder "finder folder" list
  3. History
    -> "Delete" shortcut doesn't work
    -> maybe add default shortcut for "Delete all"? (cmd+alt+backspace?)
  4. Move mode (feature request)
    I move a lot files instead of copying. Mostly I use my Windows VM with TerraCopy because moving files under MacOS is a pain in the a**. Had hoped that TerraCopy for MacOS has a move mode, are there any plans?
  5. Task
    -> Select button doesn't work (had to drag/drop the files)
    -> "Files to process" "button" is kinda confusing -> has to be clicked again after "test" (also whats the use of this button afterall?)

For version 1 it's nice and with option to move files I would consider buying it


6. Make use of the finder quick actions (MacOS 10.14) (Feature request)