Pause on Error, plus improved Expanded View and few other suggestions.


1) New option: "Pause the Job on Error", to pause, instead of pointlessly continuing going through the entire file list.

2) New Option: "Retry/Cancel pop-up on Error". Once a complex job fails, it's not that intuitive to set it up again. A simple Explorer-like Retry/Cancel popup would help simplify and speed things up.

3) Expanded View improvements:

  •   Add a "Clean Successful" option to the current ones (Delete only deletes one and "Clean History Now" deletes all inactive, including failed jobs)
  •   Add a "Don't Ask Again" toggle to the Clean History Now popup.
  •   Add "Pause" and "Cancel" options when clicking an active job.

As a loyal TeraCopy user, I'd really appreciate these. Thanks.