Paralalel transfers to 4 ssd's in my old laptop

Good day, I have seen transfers speed drop if more than 1 transfer is happening. 4x ssd's / hd's in my old laptop and some external backup usb's connected to consolidate my backup data. So can have 4x to 12x storage devices connected at any time.

With experiments all ports of data transfer runs independent, can all transfer at max disk rated speeds at the same time.

Using teracopy it is single threaded, single transfer serial / not parallel transfers and then if more than 1 transfer is active the overall speeds falls to 30MB/s or lower vs slowest device a old USB stick that runs at 80MB/s .

Not using Teracopy I get speeds of 150MB/s to 2300MB/s on average with the same 8 transfers to 8 devices using the garbage in windows 10.

Thank you great job, love your software, just wish it can be like my bible, the sole transfer option for all my data vs now only a backup app in case of emergency. :-(