Ability to copy files with paths exceeding 255 characters without errors

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Currently TeraCopy cant copy files with a path that exceeds 255 characters. Can you change the underlying copy mechanism to use Windows' "Robocopy" command so it can successfully copy paths that exceed 259 characters without any errors?


This is the reason I won't switch to TeraCopy 3 yet.

There is an option in TeraCopy 2.3 to set this:

It's also documented here: https://help.codesector.com/en/knowledge-bases/2/articles/411-configuration-file

0: Allow to create extra long paths (> 255 characters).

This setting is not exposed anywhere in the TeraCopy 3 GUI and setting it directly in the ini file seems to get ignored, so it looks like it hasn't been implemented at all.

I have also configured my Group Policy in Windows 10 to enable Long Paths via the Win32 API, but this doesn't help either. I've checked the manifests and neither TeraCopy versions seems to support this. May be an easy way to enable this functionality at least for the people who use this setting.

More info here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/win32/fileio/maximum-file-path-limitation#enable-long-paths-in-windows-10-version-1607-and-later

So I'll stick with 2.3 for the time being. The setting doesn't work perfectly there - in fact, I can't get it to work with Windows Explorer - but it does work well enough with my Directory Opus integration.

When I reach the limit, I get an UAC prompt that I can confirm or ignore, works either way. I also get a warning from TeraCopy when trying to move files, but confirming it with Yes works.

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