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Please consider the idea of adding a rate limiting feature. This is especially helpful over mapped network drives.


Code Sector
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Kerry Coleman

I actually would like to see this as well, not only for squashing network congestion on poorly configured networks, but old networks.

I have also discovered another use, Newer, Smaller (as in physical size) USB drives! I have 5 different brands, that all transfer at their max speed for the first min or less, then drop to 7-15MBps depending on the USB itself, but when using a 3rd party copier that I wont mention that HAS a rate limiting feature, I was able to keep it steady at 30-45MBps depending on which USB stick it was and the copy completed much faster then burst then overheat throttle (and it is overheating, man these things get hot to the touch!)

Please CodeSector, Add the ability to limit transfer speed (rate) to TeraCopy, I once again have 2 Copy utilities and I want to go back to 1!!!


Actually, that happens to any flash memory, the more you transfer at the maximum speed, the more it overheats, and when it overheats, it start throttling.

Kerry Coleman

True, but the USB drives with more flash modules heat up slower as they spread the load.

The new smaller (but larger capacity) one's are typically 1 module or 2, thus they heat up faster.


Another good idea could be to have the possibility to set the I/O priority of TeraCopy (or per transfer window), like (ex)Sysinternals Process Hacker does (right click on a process > I/O priority > high|normal|low|very low). Very useful for background file transferts with top priority foreground (video player, streaming app, games, ...).

Alan Gresham

To add my voice to this: my use case it a home network with a ping sensitive tween who's world ends when I start pushing large files to my home theatre NAS.  My ideal would be speed limiting with a (ideally, 7-day) scheduler so that the transfer can revert back to full speed when the network is not congested.  QOS on the router doesn't help at all as it only applies to the internet connection.